Yoga Moves Every Man Should Do – even if you hate Yoga

Tara Stiles, the author of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, wrote in the March 2011 Men’s Health – Ask Men’s Health segment that,  “Every guy should do the pigeon pose three days per week”.  Yoga is shown to improve quality of life by reducing tension and stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving moods.  What more do you need to give make yoga part of your weekly workout routine? Let me give you some more reasons to get on the mat!

Men’s Health reports that there was a 27% boost in people’s brain levels of mood-boosting GABA (a neurotransmitter) after a one hour yoga session.

Ladies, that is more than enough reason right there to encourage your partner or spouse to pull out the yoga mat and strike a pigeon pose.

Yoga, and the pigeon poses – pigeon, full pigeon, and relaxed pigeon- in particular, releases tension in the hips, glutes, quads, and back.  These areas are normally very tight on weight lifters, runners, and cyclists and can result in poor posture and workout form and ultimately cause injury.

Many men have shied away from yoga because they believed it was all about oms and meditation.  That thinking has dramatically changed over the last decade.  Many exercise specialists believe that yoga should be an integral part of any serious exercise program.

Tony Horton, creator of P90X, and one fit guy – said that if there were only one set of exercises he could do in order to stay fit, healthy, and enhance longevity of life – yoga would be it.  Anyone who has completed P90X knows how much a part yoga plays in the program and in Tony’s life.

As Tony says about AbRipperX, he loves it, but he hates it!  Many of us feel the same way about yoga – but the benefits can’t be denied!  Add it to your routine and reap the benefits.


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International airline pilot, former Marine Harrier pilot, fitness advocate, Beachbody coach!
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